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Big Grips

There's no better protection for your iPad! Just get it, PERIOD. It's simple, it is super effective and makes carrying and handling the iPad a breeze for any sized hands.

- Judith

I use these in my first-grade classroom and we have not had a single broken iPad in two years despite dropping them from time to time. They make the iPad easy to grip and easy to use. The frame is extremely protective and it is still easy to access the headphone jack, charger port, and all buttons. The stand is amazing. We love how it holds the iPad up at an ergonomic angle for viewing and working. I bought this one for my niece. It is indestructible!

- 67jbird

My wife purchased Big Grips so my 12 month old daughter could use our iPad to view ebooks with us and view PBS videos like Sesame Street and Daniel Tiger. I originally thought it was excessive and figured I would pull it off whenever I would use the iPad. However, now I prefer to use the iPad with it. Specifically the soft grip is comfortable to use when sitting on the couch and using the iPad, which is where I primarily use it. I let my daughter use the iPad while in this case and feel confident if it falls off her lap, the frame will protect the iPad.

- Carly

This was purchased as an assistance device for my mother, who has lost much of the dexterity in her hands. With other stands we tried, they were just too touchy/finicky and did not provide a large enough grip area for her. Big Grips allows her to prop the iPad in her lap while in a hospital bed and watch Netflix comfortably for hours.The insertion points for the cables can be difficult to align at times, but otherwise a terrific product.

- Jason

To be perfectly honest....I bought Big Grips to use with my work iPad. I work with students on the autism spectrum, and am realistic about how they can handle the device. Well...I made the mistake of using it all summer on my personal iPad, and now I love it too much to use at work! Guess I'll have to buy another one!!

- Claire

I bought this case for my 3 year old son and it is AMAZING!!!!! He was constantly dropping our iPad and it eventually got a scratch on the back. This case solves ALL our problems. Everywhere we go people ask us what it is. My husband and I literally throw the iPad on the floor on it's front and back. The look on their faces is priceless! Nothing is EVER wrong with it. The case just bounces and the front is protected as well as the back. We can't say enough about it. This case is the absolute best product on the market for anyone with a toddler. I highly recommend it to everyone who asks. The only slight problem is that it's a little hard to get the charger in place. It takes some getting used too, but after a few times of working with it, it's no problem at all. LOVE LOVE LOVE this case. Everyone should buy one!

- KB

Love, love, love this thing! We bought my 5 yr old granddaughter an iPad2 about a year ago and I have worried ever since about what would happen if it got dropped. I heard about Big Grips from a friend and decided to try it out. It is great!! Her parents like it so much that they now even let her 18 month old brother use the iPad. He's dropped it a few times, but no damage has been done. It also makes carrying the iPad around a lot easier for both children. Bottom line is that if you have children who use iPads, this is the best investment you can make to protect the iPad from breaking when dropped!!

- Bjc

I am an elementary special ed teacher with young students with autism. I got a new iPad last spring, but was concerned about my students dropping it or damaging it. I got Big Grips Frame and now I can let the kids have the iPad with no worries. It makes it easier for them to use because it doesn't slide around on the table, but it is also very light and easy to hold. It is a little hard to get it into the case, but that is good because it doesn't slip around and the kids can't take it out of the case either. Everyone who sees this case wants one!

- Kimwass

I LOVE this product so much! My autistic 3 year old was given an iPad as a gift to help with his communication. Big Grips Frame has saved our iPad!!!!! It is easy to hold and has helped survive many drops! I get asked about it all the time and immediately tell people how to get one. Best invention ever!

- Erin

The morning after I ordered the frame & stand set, I tried to cancel the order, thinking I had been duped into paying close to $60 for a piece of foam BUT then it arrived and we love it! I thought I'd give it a test run and return it if we weren't pleased. My 4 year old (with a speech delay and possible Autism) has a much better, well, GRIP on the iPad and is able to play her games more confidently with the stand. She never dropped the iPad prior purchasing the set (hence my initial urge to cancel the order), but since we started using it, she has managed to drop it 2x with no damage whatsoever to the iPad. The only minor set back to it is the opening to plug in the charger. You have to have pretty long nimble fingers to stick it in there.

- Terri

My daughter has dropped her iPad several times (we have tile and hardwood-no carpet) and it hasn't even come close to damaging it. This case is amazing.People who complain about it being difficult to plug the charger in. The access holes are plenty large enough for my adult hands, and my daughter easily manipulates the controls. Overall I strongly recommend this case.

- Teknurd

After trying MANY different iPad cases, we have found the best one! We have an iPad which we use for my 7 year old son with Autism. It helps him communicate, as well as learn from the apps. We do our best to take care of it, but, it has been dropped multiple times, and does not have a scratch on it!! It even fell down a flight of stairs and has been fine! Whenever we are out, people will stop and ask us about this case, and I tell everyone how much we love it! Great, Great product!

- Happy Consumer

I have a 5 year old and 2 year old, who started using our iPad a while ago. I searched Amazon and read tons of reviews for kid cases. This one was affordable, seemed to make the most sense design-wise, and I loved that it had a stand. Stand = less touching = less fighting! It's not overly "kid" looking where my husband and I are embarrassed to be seen using it, and it's served its purpose of protecting the iPad very well. There's no point of "exposure" where the iPad would crack/break if dropped, and so we have total peace of mind when we let the kids use it, we don't have to stress or supervise every movement.

- Meredith

We've now purchased both Big Grips Frame and Big Grips Tweener and LOVE them both. They are great for protecting our iPads from drops and bumps due to being used by little ones. Highly recommend!!

- Melanie

Perfect!!! Exactly what I needed!!!! Big Grips protects my iPad. I love the stand. I show videos to my grandson and he loves it!!! My iPad now looks like a little TV. People think we got a new iPad!!! Thanks so much!

- Vivian

This is seriously one of my most favorite products. It is so light-weight and allows me to use my iPad without worry. Even without kids, I would still use it. People are amazed when they hold the iPad and always want to know where I got this!

- JZ

Fits great on the iPad 1. Got this for my 3 year in his favorite color, blue. It's really tough to initially put it on, which is a good thing because it doesn't fall off or come loose. This thing is super cushiony and makes the iPad look more fun and kid-friendly. My only minor complaint is the same as what some other reviewers said... it's a little tricky to get the charger cable plugged in with this on. But there's not much they could really do to improve this when the frame is so thick. Maybe make that particular hole a little more wide and and shallow? But overall, this is the perfect protective case/frame for a small child. I highly recommend it.

- Eric

You've already spent the $$$ to have an iPad in the house with a young one around, spend the extra money on this, immediately. This is honestly the best idea for anyone who intends to let their little one play with an iPad. I can't tell you how many times ours (iPad 3) has been dropped with this on it and still remains unscathed. Quite literally bounces. Although I wouldn't take this with me for my personal use, it actually is quite comfortable to use and easy to grip with it's oversized design. Buy it now, you'll be glad you did the first time it saves your precious iPad from a fall.

- Rowing

Perfect product for my boys who are 4 and 6. These cases are big and chunky and durable. My boys sometimes drop their iPads and the case just bounces off the floor keeping the iPad safe in its soft yet durable little home. The boys love the stand as well since they can choose whether to keep it on or off. The only issue I had with Big Grips was that its a little tricky to plug the iPad in for charging at night. It does not affect my rating, though because I am extremely pleased with how well made it is! This product is great and I highly recommend it.

- Elizabeth

For those that complained about it being difficult to plug in the charger - GET OVER IT! It takes A LITTLE more effort that it normally takes to connect the charger but it should not dissuade you buying this product! The color is great so it looks cool. It's thick so it really protects. It's easy for my 3 and 5 year old to hold. It's easy to put on. We also bought the stand which I also LOVE. My kids can sit at the table or on a bed and watch together. There is no more fighting about who's holding it or who can see better. And, the iPad is so much easier to find then when it was laying around in the black flat cover. The design of the product is perfect.

- David

I bought Big Grips for my four year old's iPad. It has survived almost a year and no damage to the device after multiple drops. It is cute and easily wiped clean. I have had so many people ask me where to get one, and the price is so reasonable.

- Michael

Our kids are 5 and 11, and we bought this case for them because we figured that the iPad we gave them (a hand-me-down from the grownups!) was going to get a lot of ..."love" -- in other words, there would be much passing back and forth and surely there was dropping in its future! Not only is the case soft and easy to hold, but its silicone foam finish means that it doesn't slip and slide on slick surfaces. An added bonus that we didn't foresee is that the size of the case means that even if your iPad falls on the floor, there's quite a bit of clearance and the screen won't get scratched! Plus, the bright green color we picked means it's easier for the kids to find it when they inevitably put it down somewhere and wander away to something else. My *only* issue is that sometimes it takes a big of wangling to plug in a charging cable -- but it's only that way because the thick padding that we love so much makes it a *teeny* bit less easy-as-pie than it is when the iPad is naked. So we have to do the plugging in for our kids rather than having them do it themselves. It's a small price to pay, though. Really. We LOVE this case -- I only wish they made a small iPhone-sized version so we could put a big fat soft cushiony case around those, too!

- Jill

My 6-year-old rough and tumble boy uses my iPad quite often. Without Big Grips it would surely be damaged by now. Love the bright color and the soft grip, too. Big fan!

- Jill

Bought this as a christmas gift for our then 3y/o son. He was getting an iPad and we were concerned with how long it would hold up. Next to buying him an iPad this has been the best purchase ever! holds well to the "love" a little boy gives his iPad and I can be sure it is safe.

- C.

I love this! It protects the iPad and is super cute! Everyone asks what it is and where we got it! We have a 3 year old that likes to throw things, so this is perfect! Recommend for sure

- CC

This little foam doohikie has paid for itself hundreds of times over. Down the stairs, off the table, outside on the driveway, my kid has dropped/thrown his iPad everywhere. He is so used to the protection he thinks nothing of dropping it. The only thing it doesn't protect from is your son washing his iPad in the sink because it's dirty! Yeah, that happened.

- Pete

The best iPad cover for kiddos. This cover protected my daughters iPad for 3 years with never an issue. It was rough and tough and believe me, it took a hell of a beating. My daughter who is autistic and relies on her iPad for many autism communication apps as well as education games... She took her iPad everywhere! But now we finally turned in her iPad 1 to upgrade to a newer mini and sadly they don't make this exact style for the mini with the extra large bumper cushioning. I would recommend this for anyone with small child using and a full size iPad for sure over any other cover out there. By the way, we first had the much more expensive Otter*** cover and she quickly pulled the rubber part out which made it pretty useless. This was much better

- Sooozie

NICE JOB, Big Grips!!! I was clenching my wallet at first with the $35 price tag, wondering if it was worth it... what was I, crazy?!? If keeping your child's (or your own) iPad absolutely safe is a priority, you can't go wrong with this. I have literally watched our three year old THROW IT on the ground and it just bounces back. All in all, a fantastic product--and the only way I can imagine to protect a hyper-educational device from toddler tantrums for good.

- Amy

We have 2 of these Big Grips Frames and we can not speak highly enough of them. They are the best inventions ever. We got our first one 3 years ago and it is still in perfect condition and has kept our iPad Original safe through drops (even drops down wood stairs) and 2 young boys (toddlers) fighting over it. We love it so much that when we got a second iPad (iPad 2), we got another Big Grips Frame for it. Now our boys each have their own color. We did have to replace one frame recently, only because our youngest son used it as a teether and it had bite marks in it, but that is no fault of Big Grips and it still did its job, we just got tired of explaining to people that our son had chewed on it. :) We get compliments and questions from strangers all the time on it and we are always quick to recommend it. To those who say it is difficult to plug it in to charge, that is true at first but once you get the hang of it, it is not an issue. Definitely the best $ we ever spent.

- Holly

My son has autism. We've tried several protectors, but this is the best so far. He threw the iPad once over 10 feet. The iPad bounced twice and landed face up. No damage at all. His previous iPad was in a Krak** case. He threw it in that case too. The screen cracked. I highly recommend it to parents of kids with special needs.

- Carrie

My son's iPad would never have survived without this frame. It has been thrown, dropped, and stepped on more times than I can count, and the squishy frame has protected it perfectly. I wouldn't hesitate to pay twice as much for it.

- Alessia

I bought this because my son with Autism tends to bite the case when frustrated. I'll admit he has managed to leave some teeth marks in this, but hasn't been able to cause any actual tear and we have had this for several months. If he ever managed to tear it, which I seriously doubt, I would immediately buy another.

- Kinabnet

We have used this as long as we have had the iPad 1 and my almost 4yr old son since he was an infant and the iPad is still alive... No cracks nothing. It has been thrown down steps, banged, flung, spilled on (I have a screen on it) and i have had no problems with it. It is bulky but u have to choose btw safety and size. I will recommend this brand.

- Anon007

I bought this after a friend showed me hers and said it was one of her best kid purchases to date. My almost three year old daughter loves the case, as it is large and light, and I love how well it protects the iPad from literally everything my toddler does to it (mostly, dropping it from the table or from the car seat on road trips, but she has also hurled it a time or two as well!). Great product, highly recommend. I don't even take it off when I'm using the iPad because I like it so much! Highly recommend purchasing the stand as well.

- Katherine

We absolutely love this grip case for the iPad (1st Generation). Our youngest daughter (9 years old) is fairly clumsy, and this protects the iPad extremely well. It is a bit difficult to plug in the charging cord, but she managed to figure it out and actually does it quicker than me. We would recommend this case to anyone who has young children.

- Norma

I bought this product for my 4 year old son. He loves it. It makes the iPad so easy to carry and he dropped the iPad down my stairs twice and not even a scratch on it. Very easy to clean. Would definitely recommend this product for all ages.

- Catherine

Many people comment on the case on our iPad. I bought the one Apple sells with the product but our kids (ages 3&4) were constantly dropping it. Very nerve-wracking, right? Finally I decided it was time to upgrade the protection and got Big Grips. Not only is it ultra protective and shock resistant, but it truly does allow a better grip of the iPad. In fact, it hasn't even been dropped in the 10 months+ since getting it! So it's double protected by a better grip and by the shock absorbing Big Grips Frame! Definitely recommend!

- M.

We bought this after trying a few different cases. This one actually protects the iPad when it is dropped. All of the rubber absorbs the shock. Don't waste your money on any other case.

- Srcovell

I bought this for my 2 year old granddaughter who loves using the iPad. The frame is phenomenal. When my son received the frame, He said that you could drop the iPad and frame from a 3rd floor window and it would not damage the iPad.

- Frank

True to other complaints- it's huge, it makes it hard to attach or detach the charger, it doesn't cover the screen or make it waterproof.... but dang is it impressive and perfect for a 2 and a half year old while traveling. :-)

- Tara

We bought our then almost 3 year old grandson an iPad to aid in his speech development and my husband also had to have one. In order to protect the little one's iPad, our daughter-in-law found Big Grips on Amazon and immediately ordered one. I can tell you that it has saved that iPad more than once. Long story short, Grandpa's iPad got stepped on, alas no Big Grips! So when that iPad was replaced, the first thing I did was order a Big Grips for that one as well. So now all of the iPads in this house are Big Grips protected!!!!!

- L.

We have owned our Big Grips now about a year using on the "New" iPad bought 10/2012. It was to protect my just turned 5 years old device. My son is high functioning autistic wild kid and can't imagine anything doing a better job. I seen the iPad fly across the room, him standing/jumping on device. Dropped from many angles and heights and forces. Wow is all I can say, this thing is super protection. I find it more enjoyable to hold with the cushy sides. Only draw back is head phone jack needs to be straight not 90 degrees to plug it in. EZ to clean or take on or off. We Love it!

- Kimberly

We ordered both Big Grips Frame for iPad and Big Grips Stand. They are wonderful products for my 3-year-old. As long as you're able to manage any issues with water, the case has been 3-yr-old PROOF. The iPad has survived many drops within Big Grips Frame. I like that his little hands can't wrap all the way around the case as with most protective cases. His little fingers don't reach all the way around to the touch pad interface rendering any pointing or swiping with the other hand useless. Big Grips helps keep the fingers holding the device off the screen so the busy fingers on the other hand can work the screen. No other case we tried could do that. It does have some teeth marks on it, though. It is apparently also a good teether. :)

- Lori

We bought each of our girls, ages 2 and 1, a Big Grips Frame and love them. While nothing will make an iPad completely unbreakable, these frames go a long way to making that happen. We take these with us when we travel and to restaurants and people always remark how "cool" and sturdy these frames are.

- Jason

When I purchased my iPad last November I knew that I needed a case that would help my iPad hold up to my seven year old and three year old boys, who I wanted to be able to use the iPad too. After looking at several cases, my sister told me about Big Grips. Her daughter has Cerebral Palsy and uses the iPad with a Big Grip for therapy. Big Grips helps her daughter hold the iPad and protects it when she drops it. Although it looked bulky, I decided to give Big Grips a try and I am so glad that I did. A couple of things to know. The cover is a little hard to get on. But once its on - its on. It takes some time to get used to charging the iPad in Big Grips, but now it's a breeze. (Example: don't try to do it in the dark.) Big Grips Frame is not small, but it does exactly what it is made for - protecting your device - amazingly well. It also protects from spills. The cover elevates the iPad just slightly off a table. So if a drink gets spilled there is a better chance that the iPad wont be flooded. The stand is nice too. My seven year old uses it when working on his online homework and as a tripod to make animated videos. It also makes my iPad look nice sitting on my desk. I recommend this protect to anyone that has children, people that have a tendency to drop items, seniors that need a larger device to hold, people with special needs, or teachers that use iPads in early childhood education settings.

- DW

Light, kid safe, easy to prop/use stand and, most of all, great protection with a clean/modern look. Highly recommend this product after 9 months use.

- Christopher

We went with Big Grips Frame after reading all the reviews and we are so thrilled we did!!! We have three young children and this is the perfect iPad cover for them. My husband and I feel completely safe letting them use the iPad with this cover on! Awesome product!

- DaniBB

Love our Big Grips Frames and Stands. Kids have dropped the iPads on the concrete garage floor and had no damage! People see us out and about and ask where we got them! Can't find or say anything bad about Big Grips!

- Helene

We bought this cover with the matching stand six months ago and absolutely love it. It is extremely sturdy, protects the iPad perfectly and is very light. Even though it's technically for our daughter, we practically never take it off since it actually makes using the iPad quite a bit easier than on its own. It also somewhat amplifies the sound. Definitely recommend this cover!!

- Aaron

I bought Big Grips Frame to protect our children's iPad and it has saved our device several times. We have 7 yr old triplets that use it constantly and its been through countless bumps and falls (off the bunk-beds, stairs, counter, etc.) but thanks to Big Grips Frame, its survived all disaster! The padding is thick and since its brightly colored, we don"t forget it in waiting rooms and hotels.


Has even been dropped from second story balcony onto dirt and iPad unharmed. good for little hands to grip. my boys are very rough with their toys.

- Amanda

I bought Big Grips Frame and Stand almost a year ago to use with our Down Syndrome child. The peace of mind that the iPad could be carried and banged around a bit without damage has far outweighed any "issues" regarding plugging it in. We love it! So much that when we bought another iPad a few months later (for another family member) we bought another Big Grips, in a different color to define who's was who's. We get stopped all the time from people asking us about the case, how we like it, and where we bought it. We don't take our iPad in and out of the case. We have no need to. Though a little challenging to plug the cord in, we have figured it out and don't consider it an issue. The stand is nice too, though we don't use it that much. I love the sturdiness, and anti slip feel of the case. I use my iPad in the kitchen for music and recipes. I can prop Big Grips Frame on the counter without fear of it falling over, or if it did that it that it would hurt the iPad. Highly recommend Big Grips products!

- Mooommm

My four year old has had his iPad for eight months and it looks brand new, thanks predominately to Big Grips Frame that I purchased along with it. Initially my heart would stop when I saw the iPad take a fall, but thanks to Big Grip Frame I don't even bat an eye at this point. See, the great thing about Big Grips Frame is what it is made out of - foam. Other "durable" cases are made of hard plastic with a thin rubber sleeve that slips over the hard plastic. If you drop an iPad in one of those cases, the hard plastic shell is liable to pinch and crack the glass even with the rubber sleeve because it can't absorb the impact like foam can - trust me, I've seen it happen. Big Grips Frame absorbs the impact every time and even bounces a bit upon impact, keeping the iPad safe from nasty drops and falls. We also purchased the stand, which my son gets a lot of use out of when he gets his hour of cartoon time or otherwise. Sure, it's bulky, but if you have a child and you want to give that child a $329 + device to learn, play games and enjoy, then this is probably the best possible protection for that investment.

- DrummerJ

My daughter's Special Ed teacher recommended this product for her iPad. I researched similar products, but Big Grips Frame and Stand are far superior. My daughter has severe cerebral palsy which affects the fine motor skills in her hands. She cannot hold onto items for very long without dropping them. The Stand along with the Frame are perfect for setting on her wheelchair tray for a perfect visual angle. When she does grasp the iPad, it's chunky enough for her to hold for longer periods of time. And yes, she has dropped it onto the floor but no damage done, no worries. I would most certainly buy this product again. Highly recommended for Special Ed classrooms.

- Leslie

I purchased Big Grips for iPads used by fourth graders. The kids love using the iPads in Big Grips - I got one in every color - and the Frames are very light weight. As a teacher, I do not have to worry about an iPad getting dropped. First, the grip is non-slip and secondly, if one is dropped, it is not going to break. My sister-in-law uses these at her school and told me they were so good that she bought them for my niece and nephew. I use the different colors to assign students to certain iPads, as I do not have a complete class set. Also, it was very easy to insert the iPad into Big Grips Frame - there is a short online video to show you how. Great investment!

- Alabama Mom

I purchased this iPad cover exactly 1 year ago & it belongs to my 8 year old and my 2 1/2 year old. This iPad goes almost everywhere with us. It gets dropped, stepped on & thrown around but thanks to this iPad protector the iPad is in perfect condition. Its a little bulky but oh well if its going to protect the iPad I don't care. I've never seen them sold in stores and family and friends always ask me where I got it from. I am very happy with my purchase. I just purchased a pink one because we finally bought an iPad for my 2 year old. I must say that the color hasn't faded or it doesn't get stained at all. No scratch marks its mushy material. Actually it sort of bounces of the ground when it falls down. I recommend this cover to everyone!

- CynthiaA

I have a special needs child, and his iPad is a communication device. Big Grips Frame helps him hold it without threat of damaging the device. He has thrown it, and dropped it, and bit it and this very durable frame has prevailed. It is also the protective cover of choice by his school. Love it!

- Pampered Angel

I really like the feel of this. It seems to make the iPad lighter. I give it four stars simply because the openings are too small for adult fingers. I cut the top off of the power port opening. It'd be nice/handy if they included some extensions for the power port and the headphone port-especially at the price they are charging for a piece of molded rubber.

- Shaunieo

One of the pioneers to kid safe cases.

- En

Fabulous, recommended to me by the Genius at the Apple Store, this works great for Toddlers. Have experienced many drops and had no issues with the screen breaking. Would recommend the Stand for watching videos without getting too close or for the table. A little bulky for small purses or bags, but the kids like the soft sides as opposed to a Life***** case.

- LovinParents

I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old that I do not have to worry about letting them use our iPad3. They both watch Netflix and play games on it daily. I also put a screen protector on it to make it overall, very well protected, so we really don't worry too much about it. The frame has a ton of padding, but it's firm, and holds the iPad in very well - my wife admitted having a hard time taking the iPad out of the frame to clean it. I should also mention it may look silly at first, but it'll grow on you. Plus nothing better than feeling confident that your iPad is safe. I have owned Big Grips Frame for 1 year this Christmas and love it. Absolutely recommend. 5 stars.

- Christopher

This case has been a God-send for us and our 3 young boys. We have lost count of the number of times the iPad has been dropped accidentally or on purpose and each and every time it bounces back without any damage at all. The case also makes for a much bigger area for little hands to hold more securely. We tried one of those "military grade" cases before this that broke the iPad on drop #1. If you have little ones that you want to had an iPad to in confidence, buy this case.

- James

This case works perfectly for a toddler!! Our daughter has dropped her iPad so many times and we never worry about it breaking. Great investment for protecting an expensive toy!

- Aixa

Best thing I could of purchased! Absolutely love this case!!! I will be ordering the stand for this very soon! Highly recommend this case to anyone!

- KandyStar

This is absolutely perfect for little hands to grip. I can't believe I waited this long to purchase it.

– Vasso

Best thing I bought for my iPad yet!

–Rebecca A.

This large case is ideal for young students or those with less than firm grips. The durable material allows for a comfort grip with great protection if the iPad is dropped. The big colors attract the attention of all who see it. It is one of my favorite iPad cases for the classroom.

– Julie

Saw this on someone's iPad and I had to have it. They intentionally dropped it just to show me and I was sold! This is a super easy to use fun cover for your iPad! A must have.

– J.

This stand works really well with Big Grips Frame. Skype conversations are so easy with the iPad using Big Grips Stand. With all the configurations available, landscape, portrait, leaning, it's really a must have for anyone with Big Grips Frame!

- Acnicholls

We bought this with the cover so that our autistic 2 yr old could use the iPad in a bit more safety. We had a cover before, but he had figured out how to strip it and it would be off within a minute of him getting the iPad. So we figured we'd give Big Grips a try. At 2 he couldn't really figure out the stand portion, but now at 3 he loves it. He carries the iPad around and will retrieve the stand so he can set it down on the table and still be able to see it. It does exactly what it's meant to do - allows him to view the iPad while seated at a table, just like a computer screen.

- Kacey

I LOVE this product so much! My autistic 3 year old was given an iPad as a gift to help with his communication. Big Grips Frame has saved our iPad!!!!! It is easy to hold and has helped survive many drops! I get asked about it all the time and immediately tell people how to get one. Best invention ever!

- Erin

We have Big Grips Frame and Stand. Our autistic daughter has dropped it several times and it works perfectly. The stand is very nice so you don't have to hold the iPad the whole time... Makes doing anything on it so much nicer. Great buy. It really is.

- Cathy

Buy the complete frame and stand set - it is completely worth the money! Very durable and keeps my iPad safe from the crazy children who run around calling me "mom". ;)

- Terri

Great stand to use with Big Grips Frame which my 3 yr old toddler boy uses daily. He uses the stand so he doesn't have to hold the iPad. Has openings in the bottom so the iPad can remain on the charger. Love both products and LOVE the price!

- M.

I bought the case/frame and this stand. I find sometimes I lay in bed and watch movies on the iPad and this stand is handy. I have been VERY happy with both case and stand. Can't thank Big Grips enough. I have heard complaints that the frame and stand are "bulky". I have not found that to be the case at all. They are well worth every penny. An iPad is expensive and I want to protect my investment. I have recommended this to others (frame and stand) who went with other cases...two of the people I advised to get this did not take my advice and one had to buy a new iPad and one had to get hers' repaired (waiting weeks for the repair to be finished and come back). Mine has been thrown a against a wall, literally, and is fine. I don't think there is another case on the market that is as good.

- Murphy

We use this case on my daughter's iPad. It's sturdy and stands up to her iPad abuse. The stand is a must!

- Jennifer

Used with Big Grips Frame - This is great for my 3yo when she's watching her shows/movies or even when she's on Skype with her grandparents. It definitely promotes less "looking down" head motion for her and decreasing any chance of neck problems (I'm a physical therapist - always worried 'bout preventing injuries;)). When she doesn't use it, she also tends to bring the iPad real close to her face - so this helps to eliminate this problem

- PittPA

This stand works great for watching the iPad either from an upright or sideways position. It is made of a great material and very easy to clean.

- Mrl

I purchased the frame a while back and found it was definitely missing this stand. Since ordering, my son has had an easier time watching this at the table or even on couch. I do not like the wifi device directly on his lap so this helps keep some distance. Big Grips have a good product here. Easy to clean and durable.

- Inguy23

I originally bought Big Grips Frame and Stand for myself. I use my iPad when I work with children, and this is the best protection that I have come across. It's strong, easy to clean, and really protects. When my husband saw how well it works, he wanted one also. Of all of the iPad covers and protective frames that I have actually used, this one takes the prize.

- Celine

While this seemed pricey for what I got, I love having it. It is strong despite being light weight and holds up the iPad in Big Grips Frame so my son can watch netflicks shows hands free. It is a pretty nifty thing, strong, stable and light weight so I would say overall it is worth it if you would use it for this.

- Kathrina

Worth every penny. Durable and supportive. Well-made. Make sharing the iPad between kids a lot easier because they can both watch without one or the other having to hold it.

- David

I absolutely love this product. I bought the holder along with the frame. My 4 year is a typical rough and tough little boy and his iPad doesn't have a scratch on it. It's big and bulky (in a good way), perfect for a little person. Love, love, love! Absolutely recommend!

- Swland

This stand works well with Big Grips Frame. It seems firm and stable yet allows quick and easy removal. Just grab the frame with one hand and the stand with the other and separate them. Together, they hold the iPad at a good angle while it sits on a coffee table so that You can FaceTime or Skype. You could also watch TV on your iPad if you wanted to.

- Online Buyer "Mary"

I now have 4 Big Grip Stands in my classroom. My students and I love them. They are study and easy for kindergarten students to use. I feel that our iPads are safe while students are using them.

- Millerpj

I work with children with disabilities. After purchasing various frames and stands, Big Grips was the proven winner. The stand can also hold up books.

- Michaela's Mom

My five year old (who has classic autism) has used the 1st gen iPad Big Grips Frame for almost two years with amazing results, so when we replaced his 1st gen with an iPad mini, this was at the top of our list. The case is less chunky than the larger model, but seems to provide the same grip and protection. Power cord and earplugs are easy to insert and the case is easy to wipe clean. My son was happy to see a familiar design with the case and said, "Oh, wow! It's beautiful!" Which is saying quite a lot with his limited speech. Big Grips has the best drop protection and "gripability" from the numerous cases we have tried, so if dropping is a priority, I recommend. This case does not have screen protection nor does it protect from water, but it's a good trade for something I know will be dropped frequently.

- CGregory

I bought this for my son who lives in New York with his wife and baby. The baby is very interested in the iPad and I thought this would make it safer for her to hold and use. They are very happy with it. I work in a children's hospital and many of the children have learning difficulties and / or behavioral problems. Big Grips was recommended to me by a parent who has found it invaluable.

- Anuradha

I was eagerly awaiting the mini specific version of this case after seeing someone using it for the full size iPad. It is the best case I could have possibly gotten for my daughter as it is both comfortable for her to hold and very protective for when it falls. I have applecare+ in the scenario it happens to break, but so far it has been able to withstand almost daily falls including down my stairs without even a scratch!

- Andrew

Designed to protect an iPad in the slippery fingers of a child, Big Grips works for older hands just as well. My 89 year old father loves Big Grips Tweener on his iPad -- it reduces the effort needed to hold the iPad while reading ibooks, and prevents his fingers from inadvertently 'turning' the pages. He traveled to Europe with it -- it was such a hit, he left his blue one there and came home to inherit my pink one. He'd be happy to know they're available in grown-up colors now too. Because he was so happy with it, I purchased the Tweener for the iPad mini which I brought to another elderly relative. I can't recommend this product highly enough. It's the best!

- Dan

Great Product! We have one for the original iPad and now one for the mini iPad! Would definitely buy again!

- M.

My 4 children love the iPad. In Big Grips Tweener it has been dropped many times, and even thrown by an angry toddler more than once. You can tell by the sound when it hits the tile floor that it is perfectly safe. We couldn't have an iPad without this case. We love it!!

- William

Big Grips Tweener for iPad mini is not quite a bulky as the regular iPad version. It does fit very snugly and is a little difficult to get on because of that. It doesn't drastically change the size of the mini, however, and is very light weight. It does not negatively impact any of the button functions, nor does it make it difficult to view any portion of the screen. It also appears to provide very good product protection.

- Brad

I purchased this case for my daughter with special needs. We had also purchased one for the full size iPad. While the full size was easier to get off, it became a little loose after two years due to removal every few days to clean the iPad. I purchased a case by a different manufacturer due to the bulk of the full size case. Well, after about a month we had a broken iPad. We chose to replace the full size iPad with a mini and purchased the Tweener. I was immediately impressed by the density of the foam cover. It has already survived several flights across the room onto hard wood and tile floors. While I did have some difficulty getting the mini in the first time, it seems that food/dirt is not getting under this cover and there hasn't been a need to removal it. I am hopeful that this will eliminate any issue of it getting loose after a couple of years. I will only be purchasing Big Grips cases moving forward and strongly recommend them for children.

- Maddie Daddy

Very well designed, the hardest part is getting it onto the iPad, we didn't have that issue with the larger one & could take it in & out. I don't think our iPad mini is ever coming out! But it is less bulky than the iPad one & it looks very sleek. Kids love it & we have dropped it on tile, it was fine :)

- Mommy of 2

Great case. Feels good in hand. No problem access to all buttons and connectors. Witnessed a few bouncing drops as well with no breakage.

- Anon123

WOW, you honestly have to see it and use it to appreciate what a great item this is. This was recommended to me for my mini iPad. Way better that the Otter*** and smart cover by far.

- The Gluten-Free mom

This is the BEST case for the iPad. Very lightweight, thick...but not too thick. It feels good while you're holding it AND....so protective. My kids have literally thrown the iPad with Big Grips and NO DAMAGE!! Such a great price for a great product! Purchase it, you won't regret it.

- Madalyn


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